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John Quilter
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Thanks, I am really going to have to figure out how to do this with my shelves.    I think three 9 foot (3 meter) sections per group of cabinets would do the job since some of the shelves are glass and light will shine through.  I assume these lengths of tape lights come with a transformer device to go from 110V wall power to 12V for the LEDs.

Main sheves #2 12 12 15

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

Ed Davis and Ed Davis reacted
Ben Lampson
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Posted by: @brian-laurance

My current garage / hobby area has a wide, counter-height shelf along one entire wall, providing a surface for me to place the models.

Amazing pics of your fantastic cars and displays Brian.

I'll be selling my house soon after I get it paid off, and the top priority for my next house purchase is a big finished garage that has enough headroom for two car lifts, and can double as a man-cave like your setup.....thanks for sharing my friend.

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