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Christopher Moroni
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Posted by: @jkuvakas

@chris, I've had some limited contact with them. Some of what they're doing was in the works before the beginning of hostilities. Everything was moved to a safe location as the invasion began. They seem to have found an area where they can continue their work safely. The war is tragic for everyone over there. Many have left the country. Even so, for those who remain, life goes on, even in the middle of war. Groceries still have to be bought, cars still need gas, etc. These folks are doing what they know how to do in order to survive.

True on all fronts John (and thank you), but the key word is "survive."   Amid that constant gloom, it's simply hard to fathom any "normal infrastructure"  operating fearlessly to satisfy interests of scale hobbyists.  A remarkable story. Undoubtedly, just one among the thousands I suspect.

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@mg-harv I do not support in this conflict....

I only want to make sure I do not want to make sure....that's not up to me....

All people should think before they leap.

Read the information you are presented and THINK !

THINK that there maybe an other truth out there.....

I just replied to a pretty passionate email I received from some-one from EMC last night.

And although I understand why he (or she) is writing with a lot of capitals, I still strongly disagree with the standpoint they have taken back then and apparantly are still taking right now.

EMC has offered to buy back my models, which I will not do.

That way, I will close my eyes to some inconvenient reality out there...

No, my EMC-models are among my most beloved and prized ones and they will remain there, although they have a new perspective to them right now.....


Main point here is that we as citizens of our countires should all take control of the things around us and stop this mess we are in. Serious  

WE HAVE THE POWER - so start using it....

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