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(Pic) In the good ole summertime ......

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Since summer is almost here that brings back visions of summertime fun ! At one time, that may have meant a drive-in movie. There aren't many left around anymore, sadly. And perhaps many of the cars today don't quite measure up in regards to drive-in and cruising around town fun.

But here, (in 1/43 scale from Yat Ming) a '55 Ford Crown Victoria Skyliner and a '48 Ford pickup both are in the front row to enjoy the show : "Forbidden Planet" ! Since I can't see anybody sitting in the seats, I assume the people in the vehicles must be having something to eat ... umm, at the concession stand !

In any case, it is very definitely summertime fun, either in 1955, or the summer of '69 or even nowadays, if you can manage to find an outdoor movie spot.

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