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School’s open!

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IMG 1967
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The Thomas C2 is somewhat reminiscent of the late 40’s Reo Safety school bus which was the bus on which I rode to school during the elementary school years.

IMG 1970
IMG 1969


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Mike DeTorrice
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Very nice ! This ubiquitous yellow school bus was probably the most-ridden vehicle in the world !

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John Quilter
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This  50th replica of a circa 1966 Gillig, Cummins underfloor six cylinder diesel engine school bus was created from a Corgi GM "old look" transit bus.  A replica of one of the fleet of buses used by my high school to replace 25 year old worn out gasoline rear engined Crowns.

Gillig model rear
Gillig model side

Newer circa 2000 International truck based bus also in 50th scale.

International ca 2000

2010 Thomas Safety Liner pusher engined bus.

Thomas Saf T Liner

Circa 1972 International truck based bus with Wayne body.  This is a 50th scale resin kit from Rod Ward.  Shown with a Dinky Supertoys Wayne rear engine bus

Waynes X2 #1
Waynes X2 #2

And a current model Freightliner truck based bus.

2020 Freightliner bus






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