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This WAS your father’s Oldsmobile!

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David Knight
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In earlly 2006 Brooklin released the 1957 Oldsmobile Fiesta in an attractive Coronado Yellow, one of those delicious pastel colors of the ‘50’s. John Roberts followed up with a series of detailed Fiestas in a number of authentic factory paint schemes.  I chose the Banff Blue with Victoria White for mine.

4B520469 29A0 4632 B0EB 7BB9329975E6

Actual car

B9B739CA 5F0A 4868 8C09 FE9BE1F41EB3

Brooklin in Coronado Yellow


082206A7 CE51 4539 A335 3C24141B2A9E
70CE5508 7EA6 48A2 94F7 4B65CBA68E79
FC18D437 1A09 4213 AD62 2955EEFDA263


John Roberts edition in Banff Blue/Victoria White



1E731A62 7CB8 4EF4 B284 07842713792C
466EBA63 C4AF 4D8B 8505 18F3ACC82646
9522EAC0 EFE8 4695 B277 BF400EA87FFA

Photos in black and white


FAF2E9F1 2E6D 4075 AEA5 543AD48F4F9F





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Christopher Moroni
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Great models/pics of cars we rarely see (including all station wagons ) today despite their popularity.

Mike DeTorrice
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A terrific model of this wonderful Oldsmobile.  It makes a great 1957 wagon ! My Dad had a couple of Oldsmobiles, however they were from the 1980's ,,,, a Toronado and a 98.

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Bob Jackman
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An outstanding model from Brooklin.

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