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Jack Daniels
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Hi Guys
Was casting some parts in the backyard today, tried to flux/clean the metal with some wax from a candle. It caught me a little off guard when it flamed up.  Did not realize at the time the security camera in the backyard was recording the event.    I thought it was pretty funny watching an old man puttering around and and trying to put out little unexpected fire. Not sure if it cleaned the metal much, but will be a little more careful next time..  I do not think Brooklin has to worry about any compition,
Casting in Backyard

Making Feet for Police lightbars

Casting in Backyard 2

A little fire in the melting pot  Anybody know how to flux white metal!

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Bob Jackman
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Glad you weren't hurt.

David H
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Glad you were out in the yard;  that's being correctly careful.  Well done!