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Unboxing Brooklin's '37 Chrysler Imperial

John Kuvakas
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John Kuvakas

John Merritt
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Nice presentation. I like this model a lot. I've had since it was issued. It's nice to see some previous released models getting some attention.

Bob Jackman
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Nice review John K. I agree with John M. that it's nice seeing some older models getting some attention

Mike DeTorrice
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A really nice reveal of this wonderful Brooklin model. A great-looking Imperial from 1937.

David Holcombe
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Good one,  John, and I thank you.  I grew up in a small town in the '40's and '50's when cars of the '30's were common, almost dominant.  But I don't remember a Chrysler Imperial.  In fact, Chrysler products in general were pretty rare.  Those I remember best of the '30's were a Hupmobile sedan, about 1934, my uncle's 38 Packard convertible, a late 30's LaSalle coupe, and numerous Fords and Chevrolets.  My favorite was a '39 or '40 Lincoln Zephyr coupe, light blue and I still think it was a beauty.   Long time ago.  . .

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