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What are your 3 favorite models that you purchased within the last year?...............................................(pics)

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Jack Dodds
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Posted by: @michel-lemieux

Fortunately i have enough the control.

At least one of us does 🤣 

What does it feel like.....this control thing you speak of?

Jack Dodds
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Posted by: @kenspear

1956 was a very good year. I have 4 favourites:Brooklin 1956 Buick, Conquest 1956 Plymouth, Motorcity 1956 Belair, Motorcity 1956 Dodge.

IMG 0012
IMG 0008
IMG 0002
s l1600 72

Great choices!  I have the '56 Dodge in those tri-colors; it may be my favorite of my entire collection.

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@michel-lemieux I feel your pain about how expensive collecting is in Canada when you add all the costs in USD for shipping, customs and exchange rates and other fees. I lived in Quebec until 1995 and I started collecting the first FM and DM models around 1990. Scale model collecting is not an investment but more a money pit for passion because one day or another all of us will lose money when time will come to let them go.

As for packaging, there is also a price to pay to keep them. In my heyday of collecting, I needed a storage unit for boxes ranging from 1/43 to 1/12 scales. So, the storage for those who have thousands of models is probably the best kept taboo secret how they deal with.

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