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Where's the GM coupes??

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Ken Spear
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I can't help staring at my new '46 Pontiac. It has led me to consider other early GM 40's American cars that are offered in 1/43 scale. In the process, I noticed something that never occurred to me before. Although GM offered 2 dr coupes in all their marques throughout the '40 I could only find two 1/43 models of any  GM 1940s 2 dr coupes- Durhams 1941 Chev 2 dr coupe and GLMs 1941 Cadillac 2dr coupe in resin. Considering all the 1940s GM fastbacks, 4 dr sedans, convertibles and especially wagons that have been made in 1/43 scale, coupes have been grossly under represented. I find this interesting considering their are some pretty nice '40s GMcoupes, especially in 2 tone colors.

One further point, I realize that the 1949 Olds has been done in a coupe, however, I consider it to be more 1950 styling than 1940s. I'm really talking about the 40's pre war styling from 1941-42 and carried over to 1946-1948.

Jack Dodds
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Personally I think the GM coupe design is the most attractive one throughout the 1940s.   I agree Ken; the 2-tone application really enhances those cars.

Bob Jackman
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Ken, I have several prewar GM coupes. Brooklin 36 and 37 Pontiacs, 34,35,36,37 Buicks, 39 Lasalle, 39? Cadillac, MOC 39 Chevrolet.

David H
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I'm in agreement with those fine coupes.  Here's a favorite that has been with me for a while.

IMG 0356
IMG 0358

This model also has a well done interior, but my camera just can't reach it.  Nice coupe!

(later)  I found another that I like, even though it's not GM.  The Willys coupe, at times called the Americar, is hard to find in our scale except in hot rod/ racing form.  Here's the only standard version I have.

IMG 0361
IMG 0362

And here from Willys advertising is informative pictures of the '38 version:

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John Quilter
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I'm the odd man out here and am already all couped out and would rather see some of the handsome notchback sedans that GM did for the Chevrolet, Pontiac,  Oldsmobiles and Buicks in the 40s.   Oldsmobile sedan shown as well as the very rare four door convertible.  

'41 Olds sedan #1 FS Day 2004
'41 Olds 4 dr convt 6 04

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

John Merritt reacted
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@john-quilter I would like to see a 1942 Buick Limited Limousine. It was based on the same body as the 1942 Cadillac Sedan Series 67 I posted a picture somedays ago. The model was either from GLM or Stamp.

The upcoming Goldvarg 1948 Buick Roadmaster Coupe is also issued from post war design.


Bob Jackman
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Ken, my apologizes to you. I should have read your post more carefully regarding the years of the coupes you had reference to.

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