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Willys Scores a Double Hit!

David Knight
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 The all steel bodied Willys Station Wagon was a big hit when introduced after the war to a country starved for new cars.. I’ve always loved this car. My dad had two of the 2wd wagons, a ‘52 then a ‘57. The Aero Willys was a great little car but never sold all that well as it wasn’t   price competitive.  The Hampshire Green wagon pictured with the Brooklin Aero sedan is a standard Brooklin. The gray one with Aero was done by John Roberts. The maroon/wood tone model is by U.S Model Mint to replicate a ‘46-49 actual Willys Wagon. Bottom pictures are of my dad’s ‘53 with me not yet old enough to drive.

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1C2BDABE 08D3 4F78 AD7F D1EEAB0B31D6
C2F904E0 7AB4 4466 AA66 49B62EAC35C5
0423B839 17A8 46E8 A6FB EB15A5B4BCE2
8AD35AA9 9AE4 44AA 995C 03A6C69B7903
62A266AF CE25 414C 8097 DE3369562345

But I could sure pretend

D6A2C7B0 84AA 421E B926 6FBFEBDBDDC2



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Bob Jackman
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Great pictures and nostalgia David. Love the Willys models and proud to have them in my collection.

David Holcombe
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Well chosen, David.  I'm with Bob and really like the Willys alternative production.  They were, for many years, unique.   Here's a mid-50's NEO 2-tone.

IMG 1096
IMG 1100