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Hot Wheels 100 & "High End"

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Christopher Moroni
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Years ago, Hot Wheels released "high end" sets, then, utilizing some of that same tooling created "Hot Wheels 100"  vehicles. At that time, they were all relatively inexpensive. I purchased quite a few sets, cars, etc...    But you don't hear/see too much about them now.

Here's just a few pics. The Ed Roth set featuring The Mysterion is a personal favorite.

HW 100 3
HW 100 1
HW 100 4
HW 100 2
HW 100 6
HW 100 5
HW 100 7

David Green and Ed Davis reacted
David Green
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Hi Christopher,

I bought a significant number of these sets at the time as they quite a bit more detail and came in nice multi-model displays. I kept the Jaguar and Jay Leno sets on display but traded most of the others. I suspect that I still have a dozen or more sets still in storage. Thanks Christopher for showing yours plus providing me with a reminder.

Bob Jackman
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I still have several of these but like David traded off the others.