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More Tootsietoy miniatures, 1920's and 30's

David Holcombe
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  Posts seem to be quiet here on the "little guys" forum, so I thought I might post a few more of my Tootsietoys of a century or so.  Remember, I didn't buy these new! The first picture shows a portion of my collection.  The smaller ones (coupe, sedan, convertible, pickup) are just about 2 inches long, single casting, with rolling metal wheels.  These sold for a few pennies in the dime stores of about 1930.  The larger single casting cars, seen in the background of the second picture, are about 3 inches long and cost more, perhaps 15 cents.  The fire trucks and tractors are even more complex, with three or more castings.  (The ladders are modern replacements.)  The red tractor is a favorite of mine, early enough to have no hook on the back.  Later versions had not only a hook but farm equipment that could be attached. This is a pretty complex toy for that era, with about five different castings.   Last are two versions of the high speed cars of the era.  These are two different cars, vaguely modeled after the real ones of that time. One has replacement tires.  Boy, these old toys collect a lot of dust!   If I do this again, I'll clean them up before taking pictures!


IMG 3314
IMG 3315
IMG 3318
IMG 3317

I hope you enjoy my old toys.  

                     David H  Smile  

Jack Dodds
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Very cool David....thanks!

David Green
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Great selection David. I have a significant number of these also that I collected back in the 1970s. Currently in storage, I'm sorry to say. But it is great to see yours.

Ed Davis
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I enjoyed seeing these pictures.  Things were so much simpler back then.

Ed Davis
Inverness, Illinois, USA