1966 Olds Toronado
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1966 Olds Toronado

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John Kuvakas
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John Kuvakas
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Pete Rovero
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Below is a picture I cut out of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner back in 1965.  It was love at first site, and I still love it now.  IMO, the 1966 was the best of the lot.

1966 Toronado (2)

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John Napoli
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Funny, I was never a fan of the Toronado.  Probably because it was one of the first front wheel drive cars, and this was just not cool.  But then it was just the beginning of what was to follow.

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Very nice personal luxury sport coupe with "Oldsmobility."  However, I'd really rather have a Riviera.  

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Mark Lampariello
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i thought the styling was clumsy compared to the Riviera.  But also thought front wheel drive was exotic and therefore cool, just as with the Eldorado.  This was back in the day when GM was still coming up with products having new ideas.