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New thumbs up feature

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John Kuvakas
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Check this out

John Kuvakas
Warrenton, VA

john barry
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interesting !..........Thanks John

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I clicked "dislike" to test it, and nothing registered besides "reacted" ....

Although probably "reacted" is politically correct, it is a ridiculous change. Moreover, moving the button to the top makes it harder to click it on longer posts, and will ultimately lead to less "reacted/liked" clicks; first because of the likelihood of forgetting without visual cue, and second because of the inconvenience to scroll up. 

Sorry, the software tester in me spoke, I was SW-engineer once upon a time. Again, this is not a dealbreaker, just a change that makes very little sense to me. And I used the most politically correct words I could come with ... except maybe keeping my opinion for myself. JK, your commitment to this site is remarkable!

Bob Jackman
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@chav Thanks Chav for saying the things I was thinking. At 82 I realize the world isn't looking to me to be the poster boy in terms of technology. Thank you John for your reply.

David Green
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Looks like there has been an update on the thumbs button with the thumbs-up activating as soon as you hit the blue thumbs-up sign.

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