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Rare Sports Cars

John Kuvakas
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John Kuvakas

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David Green
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Interesting series of performance cars here JK. I have only driven three of these, the Bradley GT, The Nash Healey and the Bricklin. The Bricklin was the only disappointment. It was not a solid car and the body vibrated badly. Handling was poor also. The Nash Healey drove nicely but seemed underpowered. The Bradley vibrated somewhat also, but was an exciting joy to drive. I would have loved to try the Cheetah but just admired it from a distance. I sat in the Muntz but missed driving it. Good memories. Thanks JK.

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Loved their sound, liked their performance, just don't like dragging my butt on the road [toooo low, I know because of performance/handling].

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Nice cars.

I have most of them in scale in my collection.