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Sorting out 200 car collection data

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Sat. and Sun. lots of rain in the AM and PM here in Chicago. Made up a listing of all my collection from AutoArt to Yat-Ming, then by categories such as Can Am, F-1, Concepts and rare models because of certain great features. Have mostly 1/18, some 1/12th and some 1/43rds, 4 Carney 1/18th acrylic cases that hold 12 cars,  many 1/18th acrylic cases and many 1/24th Danbury curved cases. Getting out of the model business. Too bad the Auction site isn't working here, wanted fellow members first crack, all will go on Ebay.

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Good luck Rand. I sold all my diecast in one lot also. I sure do miss a good many of them. I only kept less than a dozen and a few i'm trying to 'customize'.
I've plenty of 1/24 & 1/43 that I'd like to sell here also but who knows when that's going to be able to happen. I find it very frustrating as I'd like to see if the Forum members are interested in any of them. It also benefitted the Forum financially too.

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Is there anything preventing one from listing them in the lounge itself? Are there rules against it? I’m quasi-looking for a couple of specific 1/24th scale cars/motorcycles…just asking…

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I'd hate to turn the Lounge into a buy/sell board. Once it starts, it would be hard to stop anyone and everyone from listing whatever they liked. For now, I have no problem if someone wants to share contact information and do their dealing privately. 

The reason the auctions have been delayed is that getting the new site up and running has turned out to be very expensive. The owners are moving toward full functionality but have to do it without draining their resources. 

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