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Tips: Using the "Like" Button

John Kuvakas
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The "Like" button is down near the bottom of a posting. 

Like Button

I know some folks don't care for it. But, it says, "I read your post. Thanks for putting it up." For me, it's a quick way of showing some appreciation for the time it takes to put a post together. When you hit the Like button, your like shows up in the bottom left of the posting, showing the author that some folks have read and appreciated his post. 


Then, the software adds another tick to the number of total views for the original topic shown on the forum board,

Total Views

For me, I'm not trying to be impersonal. I'm just saying "Thanks!" There are a lot of postings on these forums. If we all stooped to respond to each posting, there would be a LOT more and it would take a tremendous amount of time. So, we have this way of showing that someone noticed. 

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George Schire
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Thanks for sharing the "LIKE" button for those that didn't know about it John.  And you are right, it is a good way to let posters know that what they share and put together for everyone is appreciated.  Personal responses are always welcome and appreciated too.  

George Schire