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1/12 1930 (Blower) Bentley 4.5 Liter

Clifford Read
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Built a couple of decades ago from an Airfix kit. My only modifications were the plug wires, and replacing the clear plastic simulated mesh protective wind-screen with actual formed mesh (aluminum) and edge channel. My paint was Basecoat/clearcoat with a satin fine texture sprayed on the body from the cowl on back, to simulate the leather body surface there.


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David Green
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Another excellent build Clifford. I have this one which I built years ago. I like your mesh change and I note that you don't have the No.8 decals on it. Mine have deteriated badly and A few months ago I asked for advise about them here on the website with no real solution found. After seeing your model, I'm going to just remove mine altogether as the Bentley looks good without them. Thanks for this fine presentation.

Rich Sufficool
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I've had that model unbuilt in my closet for at least 30 years. That and a '57 Chevy. I'll never get around to either of them. Yours looks great.

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I always enjoy your post. Great pictures too!

Joshua J. Shy