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1/12 Lola T70 Coupe from Tamiya

Clifford Read
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In my opinion, one of the prettier racecars from the later '60s, it was from an era where looks still counted, and racecars were recognizable without needing the name emblazoned on the body or windshield. Delightfully, they also weren't over-decorated with confusing graphics as is the case these days.  The graphics on my model do not represent any particular racer from the day. The 1/12 kit was well molded and fit was superb. 

1 P4090026
1 P4090027
1 P4090028
1 P4090029
1 P3212481
1 P3212483
1 P3212485

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totally agree with you on the T70...Coupe or Spyder, they are fantastic looking.  Yours looks great.

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Just fantastic, thanks for sharing.

Joshua J. Shy

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Have 2 Tamiya 1/12th scale for sale. Porsche 910 new in box, plastic wrapped, Lola T70 1/2 done with all parts and manual. Anyone interested ??