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1/12 Caterham Super 7

Clifford Read
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This was a 1/12 multi-media kit from Tamiya decades ago...... lots of diecast structural parts, Sheetmetal body skin, and plastic fenders, detail, etc.

Although intimidating, it was, like most Tamiya kits, very well engineered and molded. The suspension all functions as it should.

The green body parts were molded in color, but to make their plastic finish and opacity more realistic, I painted them in automotive basecoat/clearcoat.

01 P6030102
1 P6130176
2 P6130177
02 P6030103
05 P6030106
08 P6030109
09 P6030110
10 P6030111
04 P6030105
13 P6030114
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As always, beautiful pictures of a masterful build. Thanks for sharing Smile

Joshua J. Shy

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Tamiya makes great kits... especially their diecasts.

Marty Johnson
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Superbly built and photographed.  Really good stuff, here.