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Austin's small Panel Vans.....'50s and '60s

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The A35 is my 'restored version' of the Airfix rusty and dented Wallace and Grommet Anti-pesto van, and the Mini is SunStar's 1/12 diecast from a few years ago.

I quite like the old Austin A35 and A40vans and realized that Airfix's model kit was probably the only way I'd own a large model of one. I filled all the dents and simulated rust, added tiny hinges to replace the dog-leg versions, and fabricated the flying 'A' hood emblem from polished aluminum. Paint is automotive basecoat/clearcoat.


5 P8120275
2 P8120272
3 P8120270
1 P8120269
4 P8120274
7 P8120277
9 P8120281
1 P5120962
1 wallace and gromett Austin


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I love these Clifford. You did excellent work and great photography. Great post too. Thank you!