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1934 Ford Coupe So Cal Speed Shop 1970 Ford F350 So Cal Ramp Truck

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Here are some photos of my 1934 Ford Coupe So Cal Speed Shop un numbered version, this car has working door handles and latches, you have to gently push down on the door handle and pull outward for the door to open, there are close up photos of the left and right doors showing the latch. The trunk lid is held in place by magnets. The hood opens on each side, the detail is very well done on this car, the suspension even works, the headers exit under the floor pan and you can see the quick change rear end. I have the numbered version of this car coming as well. 


E162A808 13CD 42D9 BAEB C5E5763E9ADE
F9CAE993 1E60 49A1 B65D 19212F052610


60D4E43A 3523 465A BB4B 22705C645576
F27006A0 1939 4CBC AA36 8BF08C431F65


354C4305 B807 4ABD ACD6 398135F6EED2
FAE30FB6 6E0A 4A8D 9323 04A17F922788


F4D23B02 5254 4314 A581 224A7BC16404
5530FEE4 685F 48C7 8FC0 76C4E6367FE7


5A073191 34EC 4C7D 83DB 209ABE93FCD1
55B13012 4719 4762 B35F 138848EC1286


19402CB0 2E88 4183 AB3F BAE241A672DE
5F6389FC 4ABE 4D23 B2F7 EE5F17437E3D


1331C8CF 35D7 4C38 9673 45FD22B8895F
9E6B753C DB7E 44A2 8817 2DF6E782525B


0F5C61DC 8B70 43EA 9025 345E3F2CF8B0
0873F350 4B1F 4BA0 95C5 F8884111B6F6


BE959497 E2A2 4112 A9E0 3EF77DF48A93
FC148C5B 4CB8 474A 9A58 78C9134A34B7


EAC6AA4F 86D1 4A4E A41B 24DC70E01E9D
552F2314 B81D 4BF4 B274 9E8BDDD0752C


0CF75BDB A8DE 4525 9DD4 C5D6A573A901
97BEE2DB E27B 45DB 853B 630B50E6C4C5


1C93E47E 4898 4303 8358 1DBE5CEA553A
CB32099D 5E06 4F9A B662 A3D1029B4A3D


12B4DCD5 E56A 4932 BB7C E20FF7346383
E6448740 3C47 496E 960B D3C9EB9292EA


2D0B8D9C DC86 4F08 9533 9FE6155BF8BB 1 201 a
9512199E 3632 4689 8764 F0F29E2E3362

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Excellent pics & info John. Thanks! I like this So-Cal car very much. 😎