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1966 Chevrolet Nova Video & Pictures

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Please excuse the focus issues in the videos the black chrome and the red with Flames both confuse the auto focus in the videos. Videos of the black chrome Nova first followed by the Candy Apple Red with Flames. 






AFC88BAD 77BE 4BDA 9288 C3FD13854172
36F92041 F043 4501 9BF8 ACAE4F381695


099903DD 69BC 4245 BFB9 8DFB7C9C57EF
3E94D100 8FE5 4D5C 8286 F3E04857B08F


12B715F0 CED4 4963 B4AD 5BB9F5644DAB
A10EFB07 D000 4353 A287 F63FD9D43F72


57740080 174C 4814 9B08 8B80F3CA27F1
D6AA6E33 4C29 4C11 92F8 DD636B1E4D8E


4A33E42B 3E13 432C 8957 AF395EC82EB4
BB851C75 34DC 4F0C 8E40 10C448ABB64E


31270AAC CCF9 47A0 AB68 6477504BAD72
1F86235B 1E87 4E7E BEDB E3279C92139B

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