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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Package Reshot

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I reshot my 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W030 package by Lane Exact Detail. 

I found out an interesting fact about the car and that is Oldsmobile made a simulated quick change rear end cover for this car. I tried to get a little more detail out of the photos, and showed photos of the bottom of the car to show the rear end cover and the oil filter that has "AC" on it. 


76199D46 B741 4903 8607 396F4D504D13
22EF5C9A B271 47C7 A2A4 323BC7043DA0


BC049EE3 E6B5 41FF 9076 DD6D78F61AD0
7DB5704F 1E06 4FA7 87D4 E301D4B64D78


F663BF60 53D3 4E25 B403 C5DE80C7DAA2
105509EF 4176 462C A3E6 2E108F5182D9


0890B0DD 0FAC 4B8A 855B 148872D8BDA8
69E7639A 65AE 436E A421 915182011488


0E59FDD2 71A5 474D B367 120DD4D02830
3A2A0B79 E519 4D0E 9184 9A8C17BAFD16


DFF5D190 6B65 4065 BAEF 4CEEE2E5C3C3
03BB0D5F 2077 4240 A08D 8B5A7BEFE6A6


3C16F9B0 1512 4C6B B606 1593DBC70784
A6FEC300 0063 4A41 8D16 3BB10F6814AD


ED3CE264 A386 44D9 B5B2 01A4FB412AA8
D500252E 7598 4FF2 AFB2 61F56F8BBD4B


36DEE272 CFEC 4F8A 96FD 454800453D88
34F444E3 EA12 4C8E 96EB 37312525E5F2


D05BBBC9 AC87 4523 A620 91891339986F
4EBA4DBB F087 4D20 BF9B F32A8F909BF5


3A37A0FD 8895 4B06 9FB7 0069C0D0F66D
545B9886 392B 4E5B 96D2 DC53D63D45AF


BF11492C EE99 4BCD 9576 3013C47E7E41
14C9C44C 54A2 4C50 845C 6648DC833638


8653CD56 0519 4E31 BA43 DD0D3EA75F0A
C32670D7 8516 4E6F 93AA 3F76BD03E963


47D0D62A A18E 4155 B07F 630582FD6937
9C69023A 3C2B 40AD 9EE6 91BD3F7411A9


74E3AB04 835A 48E9 A0BD 0B1634229A67


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This beauty is one I regret not getting.

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I own this same model with same color, it's amazing when you hold it how much it weighs 

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It is a heavy car, the GMP GTO Judge I have is heavy as well both are well built with lots of detail, even my original Highway 61 cars have good weight to them. 

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