1971 Nova by GMP
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1971 Nova by GMP

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20210808 151615[61146]
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Almost looks like a lost brother to the Demon / Duster twins.

Bob Jackman
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I've never been a fan of this body style but this one looks terrific in this color and trim.

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I like it, but than again, I like most of what GMP put out over the years in 1:24 and 1:18 scale. I just added three 1:24 GMP models. Both of the '69 Mercury Cyclones and the '68 Shelby Mustang (red) with roll bar. The detailing and quality control is exceptional. It's kind of like the used car market right now, many cars have increased in value due to shortages. GMP models are experiencing a resurgence in their values as well.

Alan Frank

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These are nice looking cars, to bad GMP did not make the doors and trunk functional on them, I have the 1968 Grumpy's Toy Nova SS 396, actually I have two of them, the first one I got the hood has a defect that is from manufacturing and should have been caught before it was ever packaged and shipped because the casting had a defect in it and made what looks like a tear in the metal. 

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if you expand the photo or enlarge it and look at the right side towards the front of the hood you will see what looks like a crack in the paint but it is really a defect in the casting of the hood and the paint cracked around the defect. 

Outside of that this is a good looking car and if the doors and truck had opened it would have been an even better piece.