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2017 Ford GT40 by AUTOart

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Here is my 2017 Ford GT40 in Liquid Blue by AUTOart, this is a nicely detailed car with excellent paint and functional openings with mesh. AUTOart is doing a nice job on these composite 1/18 scale cars. 


E762C630 57C0 4FCF AAB5 542257671FB7
C115036B AB80 4506 88BA 4D3EB29B1DAE


EF287D35 8FA5 48E8 A193 5E60FA916FDE
D93F806E 665A 4DAF B92C BFA08CB8F3AC


C8982362 96CD 4B0E 8518 83B33EF258A9
15BA9A9D AC5E 4BF6 9862 14EBD71D367E


660EA146 2E4D 42BD 9272 A7EECB5DE969
6ECC4C3F 3C1C 48DD 9413 AF6591391546


C40BD309 1931 4FC6 B998 46F233886A68
55B7F2AE 5A7D 404C 8AA3 5352B96E9C97


A6978393 6A89 4344 A377 E5155922E716
B31C0060 18FD 4B22 BDAA AE24988367D5


01BC0FAA D173 432B 9515 864842CE1FC2
59F9334D F33D 435D 8A35 6A12205E928E


23490003 9AC9 4826 8F0E DA538B3214CB
F10164B9 FB9B 40B6 A3AC 9305FA93F2BC


388EB3A9 B021 47FD A93D FC593A57A9CB
9E0CC2E9 6808 49A7 B048 3E774B48D9EF


4D7F6F98 9FBB 4F14 8273 BC1390EDA23E
FAFF1094 22D9 4758 B175 A972EBC325F6


94511A16 CED5 4365 92CD 42FA5EB1F16E
55257EF9 9EFC 4086 9016 59A83753E186


01951A5D 952C 421E AC04 A46D1354C7B8
642B1333 A36D 4DEF 8B6E 197CC94B7B26


106AE444 6148 4038 BA6D DAA98BA3C08C
7816E928 202B 4C76 A156 4BD44291ACFF


A7B30505 CAFA 4D12 872E D89EC0727845
52851AFD 7C37 4B34 A228 EDCA66E7AA60





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16AAB5EC C59A 48E8 AB8B 91958753E69B
9084A0E3 2F94 4915 9B76 62268820800B


CD25EC73 6A10 466A B828 B87E75987D5D
5BCF19B9 3278 43AE B134 CA71055775AD


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You're so right!  Autoart did a fabulous job on that model.  Certainly a darn sight better than my cheap $15 Maisto!  I gotta upgrade this one! 

GT front 3 qtr


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Love that Liquid Blue....such a great color.

I have the Maisto Exclusive version.  It isn't bad, but nowhere near as nice as the AA.  I do like the racing stripes on the Maisto, though.

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I have very, very few 21st Century cars in my collection - six actually - and three are Ford GT's


Here are my favorite two