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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 by AUTOart

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Here is my 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 by AUTOart, this is a very nice detailed model, well worth it for any collection. 



86A8C502 27A1 4799 98D3 394FA0C1DDEC
5F9CC7DE 4CE9 4540 89AA 76C7EC68113F


95DC2B7B 6CED 476A A1B7 0EB08AFFDE97
E90C6E65 14B5 47B9 9D6E 5AB84B94BA1A


D690A6DF 6A24 49B2 A0C5 F052BB345B66
194DC265 B5ED 4EF8 B5C7 8FEB87169495


DB28D1F4 EB6B 45E9 9078 30C3E325D108
7E8364DD E32A 487F 9CD8 1C04882F0EA6


F21DCCA9 AB23 424E 8115 B2B19441C859
75606ACF FC42 481C B233 32C80BABB4E7


E0EC420A 721F 4AA2 89BF 1636910993AE
437F0BC5 9041 4739 9817 0A60FD8C324A


E9CA21E2 120A 4D67 A0A2 D052FBE6B3AD
4F2DEB9C 2545 4F79 BA7F EB781A6D28B7


4420EE90 B444 4F0B A96F 38B086378604

Maisto engine bay

C75FC423 0A20 4CBB B351 892E48274DFF

Autoworld engine bay

5A772292 211E 4362 930A 2AFD06154659

 AUTOart engine bay


5667BFCF 1145 45F5 B5A9 857DCB744BA3


ABC67BB6 4835 4D91 BF4D 994CF29037F4


E0EC420A 721F 4AA2 89BF 1636910993AE

Maisto top, Autoworld middle, AUTOart bottom


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Great model & cool color choice.  My wife's cousin has one of these.  I need to get him to give me a ride!