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Don Garlits Swamp Rat VII (Photos)

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Here are some photos of the 1/18 scale GMP Don Garlits Swamp Rat VII dragster. I tried to get the rear disk brake caliber to show from the inside of the rear tire and one from the outside through the mag wheel. GMP even has some nice bluing on the headers. These are nice 1/18 scale examples of drag racing history. 


0B18BB42 88F3 4258 9097 0A68F28564AC
EC3FE83F 2C22 4E6E A93A 048491C47EB5


DBF960EA BB5C 4D37 9099 F9B300CAD5F4
E09BFCD0 3389 4625 89B0 683EBDD40D03


BB1EBCA5 B897 4195 8EA6 DABB86796DE3
8D98DCCD 20FC 40E2 A6B0 3118861DF9BA


3CC792BA B9F5 4CDB 940F 9E38E7728D98
5B7DF23F 2623 437D 9D48 7428DEC5E7FD


EC1125DC E0A3 4C2E AC3A DC75A46D6850
3EE25252 FFE6 4082 BBB2 3FFD73CA60BE


3BC356F4 0475 4186 B3BD 7BBEDF5933CD
12377826 1012 4572 8E0C B91051C2B953


78D73E15 25E2 4D79 B4E7 A79391E2CE30
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Yep! These GMP dragsters are very cool and VERY detailed!   (..and YES, the the "bluing" on the headers is just ANOTHER nice GMP touch!)


AWB Dragster

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More bluing...


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When I saw the term "swamp rat" in the title I thought for a moment that this post was about members of Congress.  😆