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Swamp Rat VI, Swamp Rat VII and Swamp Rat VIII

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Swamp Rat VI, Swamp Rat VII and Swamp Rat VIII. Swamp Rat VII was driven by Connie Swingle and he had a crash so the car had to be rebuilt, but Swingle did not want the Garlits rear body work due to the extra weight so he rebuilt the car without it and that is why the rear of Swamp Rat VII is different than Swamp Rat VI and Swamp Rat VIII. One more fact about Swamp Rat VIII is that was the first Swamp Rat to receive the 426 Hemi engine. Up tell then the others ran the 392 Hemi engine. 


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1CFE8DEC BEC8 46C3 94B5 E34DD7C03935

Swamp Rat VI


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0B18BB42 88F3 4258 9097 0A68F28564AC

Swamp Rat VII


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217071E4 D92F 4915 962F 6058269FDAC7 1 201 a

Swamp Rat VIII


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