Ferrari starts its ...
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Ferrari starts its run... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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In 1952. That year, the FIA announced all cars to be raced must conform to Formula 2 specs rather than Formula 1 after Alfa Romeo left the sport. Ferrari was the only maker with a car already developed. The Ferrari 500 F2 ran a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder with a 4 speed transmission. That year, it won 14 of the 19 races with noted drivers Alberto Ascari and Giuseppe "Nino" Farina. This model (the short nose variant) is the car as it debuted in the Swiss Grand Prix. It was the pole car driven by Farina.

52Ferrari500F2 021
52Ferrari500F2 020
52Ferrari500F2 018
52Ferrari500F2 001
52Ferrari500F2 002
52Ferrari500F2 003
52Ferrari500F2 014
52Ferrari500F2 015
52Ferrari500F2 005
52Ferrari500F2 007
52Ferrari500F2 009
52Ferrari500F2 030


Paul Rouffa
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Another odd rule from the FIA that year: for the Swiss Grand Prix only, everyone had to run in neutral.

David Green
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Another fantastic photo essay on a wonderful model. Wish I owned it. Thanks once again Rich.