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The "SS" in SS Cars of Coventry, England came from the prior company's owner, Swallow Sidecars. Although established in 1934, production of their "100" roadster began in 1936 and by 1938, with a 3.8 OHV liter '6' installed, this roadster, the SS 100 finally reached its namesake goal of 100 mph. The company had nicknamed the car "Jaguar" and one example actually had the leaping Jaguar as a radiator mascot, but it wasn't until 1945 that the board of directors decided to rename SS Cars Ltd... Jaguar. The successor to this SS 100 was the Jaguar XK 120 ( again showing the expected top speed). This model was a kit build by Bburago.

37JagSS100 002
37JagSS100 010
37JagSS100 004
37JagSS100 018
37JagSS100 007
37JagSS100 022 001
37JagSS100 003
37JagSS100 019


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Thanks for the history lesson, @rich-sufficool...I had no clue that's where Jaguar came about.  I did always wonder why the Jaguar name wasn't always attached to the SS100.

This Bburago has a special place in my collection, as it was the 1:18 that got me hooked on this scale...a gift from my parents when I was 8 or so.

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