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It's Steve McQueen Cool... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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The 1971 Porsche 917K in the #20 Gulf livery as driven by every man's idol, Steve McQueen, in "Le Mans" that same year was the first AUTOart model I ever bought back in the early Stone Age and, although they went on to produce more sophisticated models over the following decades, I was quite impressed with it at the time. This flat-12 powered super car itself went on to win many endurance races over the following year. It's has been meticulously restored and is now part of the "Endurance Racing Legends" collection at Hampton Court Palace's Concours of Elegance.

Porsche917K 006
Porsche917K 003
Porsche917K 018
Porsche917K 013
Porsche917K 014
Porsche917K 010
Porsche917K 011 001
Porsche917K 026
Porsche917K 015


Porsche917K 022
Porsche917K 004
Porsche917K 009

Mike DeTorrice
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A great looking race car and AutoArt captured it here really well even years back in model form ..... and especially in that terrific color scheme. Very nice !

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Love the whole 917 series of cars.  The Long Tails are probably my favorite, but the K's are fantastic as well.  AA did a really nice job on these.