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I'd love to know what the significance of the number "95" is to Carroll Shelby. Besides his Cobras, '95' graces this Shelby American GT40 Mkll. This is the Holman Moody car that qualified third in the first 24 Hours at Le Mans (1966), ran second and was told to back off to place third in Ford's 1-2-3 (and 5) win that year. It must have felt weird for the different drivers to actually have to stop racing competitively for a Ford photo op after a grueling 24 hour race of survivability and relentless abuse. The drivers of the #95 were Mark Donahue and Walt Hansgen. Model by Exoto.

Mkll95 051
Mkll95 020
Mkll95 027
Mkll95 017
Mkll95 028
Mkll95 030
Mkll95 005
Mkll95 010 1
Mkll95 007
Mkll95 031
Mkll95 013
Mkll95 011
Mkll95 021
Mkll95 048
Mkll95 043
Mkll95 008
Mkll95 034
Mkll95 037
Mkll95 019
Mkll95 018
Mkll95 025


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Just a quick clarification - this was the 3rd place car at the 24 hours of Daytona in 1966 - not Le Mans. And they were told to stop racing for 2nd place against the Gurney/Grant car. The first place car driven by Miles/Ruby was 8 laps up and out of reach. - Nobody could drive a Ford GT at Daytona faster than Ken Miles

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Beautiful model driven by 2 big names of the era. Nice simple livery.