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One More JPS... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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The 1972 Lotus-Ford 72D of Colin Chapman racing team. The 1972 to 1973 cars were sponsored by Imperial Tobacco to advertise their new cigarette brand: John Player Special and consequently were finished in black with logos in gold as was the cigarette packaging. This #8 model was driven by Emerson Fittipaldi of Brazil and was the winning car in the Brands Hatch Grand Prix.

Exoto 009
Exoto 013
Exoto 012
Exoto 010
Exoto 035
Exoto 014
Exoto 036
Exoto 016
Exoto 025
Exoto 002
Exoto 033
Exoto 046
Exoto 004


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Jeff G
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Nice model, I have the Quartzo model of this same car which I think is also nicely done for its price.

David Green
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Very nice post and images of the Exoto Lotus 72D. That Colin Chapman miniature is a good likeness of him. Thanks Rich.

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Love this model & the JPS livery.  The detail looks outstanding, as you'd expect from an Exoto.

I received the Corgi 1:18 model when I was 3, in 1977.  Still have the model somewhere...though it has definitely been played with.  Wink