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(Pics) Studebaker Avanti

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Mike DeTorrice
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Signature did a wonderful 1/18 version of the revolutionary and ground-breaking Studebaker Avanti.

Photo Series 3 23 19 006mod3XCZ
Photo Series 3 23 19 011mod1XCZ
Photo Series 3 23 19 007mod2XCZ
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Photo Series 3 23 19 004mod4XCZ

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Bob Jackman
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Having owned a 1963 Avanti I jumped all over this model when it came out. An excellent price for a very nice model. My 1/1 was Avanti Gold with a dove interior, Borg Warner automatic and factory Air.

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Christopher Moroni
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@bob-jackman Wow! Awesome!  1,200 years ago, my sister dated a guy whose father owned one (white). I thought it was a good looking car but didn't really get excited (or understand much) about these until years later. Like you, I too had to get one of these very decent models (I love whitewalls!). Mine is just like Mike's.

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Jack Dodds
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I recall that when I saw the Avanti in its first few years I was not a big fan of its styling.  I realize now it was because it didn't have a typical grille.  Now that I have a better knowledge of the car overall I appreciate it much more and find it interesting, but I wouldn't be motivated to own one.  I am still this way; for example I really dislike the Tesla's appearance for the same reason.  It just seems unfinished looking to me.

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