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Remembering Dennis Koleber

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Dennis was a collector and an artist who was famous for doing 'race weathered' cars. I'm happy to have four of his cars in my collection but perhaps the most famous is the Ford GT40 MKIV that ran at Le Mans in 1967. This is the car that lost it's rear bodywork and had to have it taped back on in order to finish the race.

The great thing about the cars that Dennis did is that he didn't just detail the exterior of the car. Here are some photos of his work


MVC 042F
MVC 044F
MVC 043F
MVC 015F
MVC 045F
MVC 017F
MVC 016F
MVC 018F
MVC 020F
MVC 019F
MVC 021F
MVC 022F
MVC 040F
MVC 041F

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David Green
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Dennis Koleber was quite talented. That is an excellent weathering and depiction of the damage repair. Good post and images. Thanks!

Mike DeTorrice
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Wow ! Excellent work that produced this detailed model.

Christopher Moroni
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My kind of REAL detail. This is outstanding!

Steve Williams
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This news makes me very sad. I used to see Dennis at many Amelia Island Concourse's and was hoping to again.

One of his masterpieces IMHO was a resin model he created in 1/15th scale limited to a run of 50, that I couldn't afford at the time - but am glad I did. It was a 1928 Stutz Blackhawk that attempted to set the land speed record at Daytona Beach in 1928. Here it is:

IMG 1474
IMG 1503


Cockpit detail and the two mated Miller DOHC, 4-valve, I-8's to make the V-16.

IMG 1494
IMG 1495


One more view including another record setter in the rear, Lindbergh's Spirit of St Louis, which in 1927 1st flew the Atlantic solo. What a feather in America's hat, if both had been completely successful in back to back years. (BTW - the 1928 LSR was set at 207.552, Frank Lockhart's LSR's small in size and single engined creation may have set the LSR, which might have changed the LSR design paradigm, but for a bit of shell that cut a tire on the Daytona sands)

IMG 1511

Thank you for the memories and the model Dennis, and may you Rest In Peace.


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