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The shape of things to come... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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The 1959 "Sting Ray Racer", as Bill Mitchell called it, or simply the XP87 was the child of Peter Brock and Larry Shinoda. Fairly successful as a race car until GM pulled the plug, it was the harbinger of the C2 Stingray to come.

IMG 8533 001
IMG 8549 001
IMG 8551 001
IMG 8557 001
IMG 8558 001
IMG 8545 001
IMG 8546 001


IMG 8539 001
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Bob Jackman
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I don't have this model but I do have a 1/43 .

Mike DeTorrice
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Looks like a fine model of this sleek and futuristic Vette.

Frank Kocour
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Hard to tell that this is a model.  Very nice.

David Green
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Wonderful model so well photographed that I feel it is the full sized version. Thank you once again Rich.