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Watcha Gonna Do?... [PIC]

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When the Cosmo comes for you!  Street racing had become a real problem in the Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan in the latter part of the 1960s and the police needed a high performance vehicle to aid in apprehension. In 1968, due to the proximity of the Mazda plant in Fuchu. the police requested the use of the Mazda Cosmo L10B as a patrol car which was equipped with the brand new Wankel Rotary 0813 engine which at the time, produced 128 hp. The electrical system was upgraded for emergency lights and loud speaker system and the seat belts and seat restraints were beefed up. This car spent many years in service and, when retired, went on to serve as a parade car.

The model is by AUTOart I love the attention to detail given to the roof mounted "gumball machine" or, in this case, the "Cosmo Topper". LOL

CosmoPD 047
CosmoPD 005
CosmoPD 002
CosmoPD 012
CosmoPD 034
CosmoPD 014
CosmoPD 017
CosmoPD 036
CosmoPD 023
CosmoPD 009
CosmoPD 019
CosmoPD 003
CosmoPD 021


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nicely detailed model.  AA did a really nice job on these.

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I have  the ciivilian version of this model in red. A friend has a 1/1 in white.