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A Model Dose... Monday 8/22/22

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John Merritt
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OK, I took a little trip late last week. Had fun but I've come back with a consequence. Wasn't feeling really well yesterday, so this morning I went to urgent care, and I have Covid. I been vaccinated and boosted, so my symptoms are minimal, except for being very, very tired. Go figure, I avoided this for more than two years now and I had to go away from home to get it. Oh well. 

To go along with Rich's post from yesterday, the 2nd of FMs Maybach models. This one was issued in 2001, and was a Limited Edition, 1 of 3500.

1939 Maybach DS8 Zeppelin V-12 Cabriolet Sedan

1939 Maybach Zeppelin 01
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 02
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 03
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 04
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 05
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 06
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 07
1939 Maybach Zeppelin 08

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

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Mark Sweeney
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Hope you feel better soon, John.  What rotten luck.  I'm hoping I can avoid it till the new boosters come out next month but I'm going overseas next month and who knows what might happen.  @#$&ing COVID!

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Prayers are with you John.  Hope you feel better soon. God bless Geno. Oh yeah, sweet model too.

John Napoli
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John, sorry to hear.  Same happened to me.  Traveled all through the pandemic, wearing my mask and sanitizing after every visit I made at clients.  Never got it.  Went on a vacation to Florida the end of July and brought home Covid.  Still trying to get over the blasted thing.  Getting tired easily is one of the main problems and still a mild cough from time to time.  I hope it does not affect you that bad.

Harrison & Evelyn Miniature Auto Museum
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Hope you feel better soon!

David Green
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Great model! Sorry about the Covid John. I got it also recently despite being fully up to date with shots. Mine was like a mild flu and tired like you. All the best with a swift recovery.

Bob Jackman
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John, hope you feel better soon.

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John Bono
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Hope you feel better.

This is one of the very few "foreign" cars I have in my collection. Love it and the pics too.

John Bono
North Jersey