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FM's Old Tech Pop Top... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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Back in FM's early days, this 1957 Fairlane 500 Skyliner was quite an ambitious undertaking with its 4 piece multi-hinged disappearing hardtop. It was many moons before it was eclipsed by DM using the tech and parts count of its era. Although I had the original red/white model, I really fell for this powder blue and cream color combo repaint that was commissioned as an LE of 500. Yeah, it's got dog leg hinges, tampo'd scripts and badging as well as those 'dead eye' head lamps, but it operates quite well with fairly minimal panel gaps and still looks quite pretty.

Ford57FM 006 001
Ford57FM 003 001
Ford57FM 004 001
Ford57FM 008 001
Ford57FM 009 001
Ford57FM 012 001
Ford57FM 014
Ford57FM 015
Ford57FM 019
Ford57FM 022
Ford57FM 020 001
Ford57FM 024
Ford57FM 025 001
Ford57FM 013
Ford57FM 011 001


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David Green
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I'm always amazed how good the shut lines are with that folding top going into the trunk. Great model Rich.

John Merritt
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My favorite of the FM Skyliners. I have always been crazy about the light blue & white combination.

John Merritt
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John Napoli
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Rich:  I agree with you. Still one of my Favorites.

Larry kemling
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I myself have the Red& White version simply because I had a 1958 in that color combination,it was my 2nd car at age 19 and such a cool ride to tool around in….took my wife to her high school graduation in it and all the guys and girls loved my putting the top down on leaving that evening lol

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