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For the 50th Anniversary of the Corvette.... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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a Special 50th Anniversary Edition for 2003 would be built in hardtop and convertible. The biggest question was what one year colors would they come in. The original Polo White with red interior was ruled out as too obvious and plain. Then, it was to be that Aztec Gold like the 12 prototypes made in 1998, but, no... too disco. Finally, they figured it had to be red... but not just any red.... and not the purple red of the 40th Anniversary edition. This one-year-only Anniversary Red would have a burgundy base, with Xirallic Aluminum Oxide flakes floating in a special tinted clear coat complemented by a Shale interior trim with anniversary badges and cockpit embroidery. {{{Phew}}}The resulting metallic burgundy on this model flopped so much with different backgrounds and lighting I don't think I ever captured its true color. It was most exasperating.

03Vette 006 001
03Vette 047 001
03Vette 039
03Vette 049
03Vette 001 001
03Vette 009
03Vette 011
03Vette 032
03Vette 055
03Vette 016
03Vette 031 001
03Vette 033 001
03Vette 053 001
03Vette 036
03Vette 014 001
03Vette 037
03Vette 019
03Vette 056
03Vette 052 001


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David Green
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Great shots but some colours are almost impossible to replicate in images. Thanks for an interesting post, Rich.

Tony Perrone
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Great images Rich. FM amortized this one well. They did five of the 2003 C5. The convertible you showcase here and (From our meager & tiny archives, I find the Coupe: 


 The Pace car version:


 The 500 Festival car:


 And the fifth, the Z06:

c474 1


Geoff Jowett
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what a beautiful color combo. Love it! A 9900 L/E and I cannot recall ever seeing one on the secondary market. I've had the original yellow version for years and love it. I've now gotta find one of these. Rich those close ups are amazing, especially this one:

111987 03Vette 031 001

Rich Sufficool
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@geoff-jowett Yeah. That was the first stowage hatch I'd ever seen on a Corvette

Pete Rovero
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I have one of these 50th anniversary convertibles also.  After they sold out, these models were selling for double the issue price.  This is my second one.  When I received the first car, the doors were much lighter than the rest of the body so I sent it back.  Those looking to find one on the secondary market, be aware of this potential issue.

C5 50th Ann


Bob Jackman
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It's my opinion that the anniversary color is one of the best ever put on a Corvette. A former neighbor had a 1/1 convertible and the color on the model was an exact match.

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