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Grandpa Is Off to Visit the Grand kids For the Holiday.... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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FM's Checker is listed as a 1963. The  license plates are 1964 NY World's Fair. The cabbie, Shamus O'Toole's Taxi  License expired in March of 1963 (see dashboard). Should grandpa make a citizen's arrest?

Checker 010
Checker 002 001
Checker 003 001
Checker 004 001
Checker 013 001
Checker 011 001
Checker 008
Checker 019
Checker 005 001
Checker 007
Checker 018
Checker 014 001
Checker 015
Checker 021 001
Checker 023


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Jack Dodds
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If that cabbie has been operating expired since '63 he should ruefully change his name to Tool O'Shameless.

David Green
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Great detail here along with an interesting story line. Scoff-laws were common then. Thanks Rich.

Mark Sweeney
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I sold mine many years ago when bad rash developed.  I'd add it back if I could find a good one at a reasonable price.

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Bob Jackman
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Have it, love it even more now that I have the details you shared with us Rich.

John Napoli
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Rich great shots.  One of my fav's from Franklin Mint.