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Not Your "Top Gun" F-16... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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This 1938 GMC COE F-16H 2 ton delivery truck may not be capable of Mach 2, but it does come with a seat warmer... the engine the driver sits on! Although most of the year the driver would rather have AC. Packed with 136 cases of Coca-Cola, this truck is decked out like the circus is coming to town with its gorgeous vibrant livery and stem to stern billboard over the top of this beast. You have to love all the finger fun on this DM model with opening windscreen, deployable semaphores, opening panels and removable seats. DM's truck division, if that's what it was, always seemed to go the extra mile with their models, offering incredible bang for the buck.

38GMC 008 001
38GMC 007 001
38GMC 009
38GMC 011 1
38GMC 014 1
38GMC 010 001
38GMC 006 001
38GMC 017
38GMC 018
38GMC 001 1
38GMC 002 002
38GMC 003
38GMC 020 1
38GMC 019


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Jack Dodds
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This beauty was one of DM's best trucks IMHO.  I regret not buying it.

Bob Jackman
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I too regret not buying this model. At the time I bought the Budweiser truck and decided that one of these was enough. In retrospect there are enough differences that I should have bought both.

John Napoli
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This is one that I did get in the Coca Cola livery. Very nicely detailed.

Tony Perrone
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AWESOME pics Pal!  Inlove  

Geoff Jowett
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I have the car carrier and Budweiser. Didnt realise the seat was removable! Imagine what the noise would have been like in the cabin? Wonderful pics, thanks Rich.