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the Family Truckster... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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What pipe smoking family man in 1961 wouldn't love a road trip with this deluxe Ford Country Squire with all the amenities including faux wood panels and powered by a Thunderbird 390. I always hoped they'd have also made a tudor Starliner. I had a bronze tudor poster from '65 to '67 and always loved the looks of it but would have rather had the Starliner roof (too expensive at the time).

As a tribute to George Bojaciuk, the last pic show his creativity when it came to accessorizing this model.

61FordCS 027
61FordCS 003
61FordCS 018
61FordCS 011
61FordCS 010
61FordCS 016
61FordCS 012
61FordCS 001
61FordCS 008
61FordCS 040
61Squire bb08 1


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Jack Dodds
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This is a beautiful model; have it and love it.  I love all the Country Squires thru the 50s and 60s.....and include the Merc Colony Parks as well.  Nice to see that Goldvarg is doing a Colony Park this year.

Tony Perrone
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A thoroughly wonderful George Bojaciuk design that even Clark Griswold would find phenomenal!

John Napoli
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I agree with both of you.  Rich, you pictures are wonderful as usual.  Thanks for sharing.  I have this one as well and displayed with all the extra's.

Bob Jackman
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My favorite accessory is the baby seat that hooks over the seat at its best.