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The Styleline De Luxe Convertible For 1950... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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If you ordered this package on your Chevrolet, you could order it for the first time with a 2-speed Powerglide transmission. It automatically came with the larger 105 hp 235 cid OHV 6 (over  the standard 216.5 cid 92 hp 6) which was the precursor to "the Blue Flame 6" of early Corvette fame.  I always though the '49 body style made the contemporary Ford look absolutely stodgy.

This a pretty nice older model by FM still employing dogleg hinges throughout. The engine bay is plumbed but not wired save for a braided mesh ground wire from the battery. The trim, dash and upholstery look great and the scripts, although still tampo'd, have faux shadows to make them pop.

50sChevFords 002 001
50sChevFords 005 001
50sChevFords 003 001
50sChevFords 006
50sChevFords 004 001
50sChevFords 018 001
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50sChevFords 014
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50sChevFords 008 001


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Tony Perrone
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Long time one of my faves!  Superb shots Rich!

Mike DeTorrice
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What a lovely car and especially good looking as a convertible Chevrolet. Very nice diecast model !

John Merritt
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This is such a wonderful model. A perfect color and presence that more than makes up for the slight flaws this model has.

I am as thrilled today to have this model as I was when I received it nearly 25 years ago. Beautiful photos, thanks Rich.

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

Moe Parr
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I have long thought that this model is one of FM's best efforts!

Barry Levittan
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George Schire
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Have it and love it.  This convertible along with the two Hardtop versions from FM were three of their best releases.  

George Schire
Oakdale, Minnesota

Bob Jackman
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Have it, love it. I have it displayed next to the 49 Ford convertible in a similar color.

Jack Dodds
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I have this one and love it.

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