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Brooklin 1941 Chrysler New Yorker remake

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looks like right side black slash guard is  it black on left side?

Ken Spear
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@chazy-r. WOW!! How did I ever miss that! Thanks for pointing it out. It was easier to install the guards when I installed the fender skirts so I just painted them along with the car and then brush painted it flat black afterwards. It looks like I painted the right side but got distracted and never returned to paint the drivers side. I'll add that to my list of corrections. Thanks again.

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John Quilter
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Posted by: @kenspear

@john-quilter. John, this was part of a decal set that I found on the bay a number of years ago. I have kept the original pattern and simply copy it using a high quality laser printer at our local library. I then attach the pattern to double sided tape and trim it to fit. I can send you some if you email me your mailing address. My email is Anyone else, feel free to email me your address if you want this pattern.

Thanks, great technique.  I've used double sided adhesive,  I think its called double Avery, to attach license plates.  (Old Bill Harrison trick)  I also have printed patterns or spray painted patterns on large 3 X 3 address labels that have adhesive backing.

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

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