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Chicago Show Specials From Brooklin

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John Kuvakas
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We still have a limited number of models that were discounted for the show. If you're interested, let me know. I'll have to add shipping but it will be significantly less than shipping from the UK.

‘33 Pierce Arrow LE – Reg $150 - Show special $125

‘33 Pierce Arrow LE – Reg $150 - Show special $125

‘63 Riviera, NB Center Collection – (1 of each color, White, Black, Gold) – Reg $320- Show special $275

’61 Ventura (1 Red, 1 Blue) – Reg $220 – Show Special $190

42 DeSoto NB Center Collection– Reg $245 – Show Special $210

’37 Dictator NB Center Collection – Reg $210 – Show Special $180

First come, first served. Email me at


John Kuvakas
Warrenton, VA

Mike DeTorrice
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A whole bunch of beautiful cars for sale there, John ! They are even more remarkable in person. I was glad I was able to see and talk to you and others at the show.

Harv Goranson
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I need to stop buying from Brooklin and just wait for the show specials!