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Civilizing a Porsche

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David H
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Here's how this one began, another of my older kits, probably from the late 70's.

IMG 8877
IMG 8876

I don't usually build racing cars, but this one looked interesting and a bit of a challenge.  So I started.

IMG 8889
IMG 8896
IMG 8899

And then it was time for those decals, and racing machines call for several!

IMG 8943
IMG 8947
IMG 8948

Wait a moment.  Look again at that last couple of pictures.  Click for enlargement.  Those old decals just fell to pieces.  I even tried them with a dry application, but they just wouldn't transfer.

So I tried something that's a little more familiar. When I put a license tag on it, the die was cast.  (Sorry for the pun.  I couldn't resist it.)

IMG 8982
IMG 8983

And here are the results.

IMG 9009
IMG 9010
IMG 9014

And as I was finishing this report, I found a typo in my ID info taped to the bottom of the model.  I'm think this model just wasn't meant for my efforts.

IMG 9015

I promise that my next project will have NO decals.  (Just having fun.)   

            David H Laugh  





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Karl Schnelle
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I wonder who cast this one for Danhausen - no WM on the baseplate so was it Tin Wizard or someone even older?  Italian, French AMR?

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Ed Davis
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David, thanks for the post. I find these older kits interesting. I suspect when that kit was new, I was more interested in model planes and trains and other things. If I could go back in time, I would have tried them. Model looks nice.

Ed Davis
Inverness, Illinois, USA

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David H
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Stay tuned, Ed.  I am slowly working my way through a whole bunch of them that have been cluttering a storage closet for months and years.  It's fun, even though there's very little market for a completed kit.  Right now I'm working with a Mikansue Bentley.  I will confess this one is a recent acquisition.  I saw it and couldn't resist.  Here's how I spent a good part of today:

IMG 9017
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