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I would appreciate if somebody could give an opinion about this model. When has it been issued and what is the overall quality? Any manufacturer who did a Coupe?

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Bob Jackman
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I have the Conquest model in dark blue and must say that it one of the best models ever released by them. The details are very sharp and well executed. As to a coupe, I have one by Victory models which was done may years ago along with a coupe.

Ed Davis
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I also have the Conquest dark blue 1942 DeSoto convertible. It is a very nice model. I bought it new in 2021, but do not know if it was a reissue or initial offering.

Ed Davis
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Harv Goranson
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I opted for the Navajo Brown version issued in 2012. I thought it would pair well with the Brooklin '42 DeSoto sedan in brown/tan. The Conquest is excellint IMHO. Pics below:

Conquest CON 66 DeSoto 1942 pic1
Conquest CON 66 DeSoto 1942 pic2

Given the number of CON 66, and CON 65 Nash issued in 2014, there may be some prior color variations.

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