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Different views in different hues: a study in contrast

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By chance I discovered how to change the hues of pictures from color to black and white or to sepia. The sepia seems to work well with classic pictures and is often used in portraits.  Here is a Minichamps 1952 VW “Split Window” in natural color and in sepia as pictures might have depicted it in the late 40’s or early ‘50’s.

34387E22 C1D1 49D7 BDF1 55178CE99AB0
AE211841 78A7 4CBB 811C 51493853FB62
FF2130C0 9EDE 4875 9946 C65AF49C99EB
9C688E77 5C07 4522 A718 082F60D13CE9
1CA95156 8225 4A21 9A52 C975F6E5400F
CC7E4E3E AE11 4CAA A548 349A4DD5BD79
BDE41A8B E8D6 4097 A4C9 CFFB1DE28605
90033FE9 81F4 44F3 ADFA EDEFC2561557
7749E138 2036 41CF 857B DF05985668D6
32ED59B3 327B 4D94 8947 D86E9E101AD5


Actual VW

4FCF0456 8A40 4AA8 8FF3 CDF6B7F5A94A
316B00C5 5A1E 4F0B B284 9E1D405454FB
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Very evocative of that era!  Nice job!

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